Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Convention Shakeup

This year's going to be a little different.

Normally Anthrocon is our mainstay, but we're trying something new- the Biggest Little Furry Con, out in Reno Nevada:

I was too slow on the draw to get an AC table this year, and I've been hearing fantastic things about BLFC.

We've never been to that side of the country before, so this ought to be interesting.   We're also hitting Fursquared in February- stay tuned to our News page for updates to our convention schedule.

Chat-n-Sketch 02

We're getting ready for the Chat-n-Sketch 2!  It's happening this Friday december 9th, on our Picarto channel:

I'll draw Patron requests- and if I can get through them, take requests from the Discord chat.  And, note to guests!   Audio is hosted through Discord- the mods can direct you to the right channel.

Listed are guests and their  chosen 10-minute-ish topic.  Or, if they forgot to specify a topic, I fill in the blanks.   (Can you guess which ones are for real?  Tune in to find out.)

All times EST and pm.

Time: 3:00
Guest: David
Topic: OC Tournament, new Vivid Dealer system

Time: 3:30
Guest: Riiser of the Webcomic Relief
Topic: Dogs and their many uses

Time: 4:00
Guest: Darkspeeds
Topic: Melting Witches- the Australian Way

Time: 4:30
Guest: Boneitis
Topic: Political content in comics

Time: 5:00
Guest: Izabela
Topic: Starting a Comic: The Process and Research Behind It

Time: 5:30
Guest: Pixel Prism of Tamberlane
Topic: The true location of El Dorado

Time: 6:00
Guest: Scott Fraser
Topic: Murder and why it's sometimes wrong

Time: 6:30
Guest: Skidd & Phuufy
Topic: Origami and your Love Life- supremacy

Time: 7:00
Guest: Kuuribro @Kuurion
Topic: Our World webcomic

Time: 7:30
Guest: Chad of Comics-R-Kewel podcast
Topic: 15 ways Ganesha beats your favorite god

Time: 8:00
Guest: Acus & Spencer
Topic: Dreamkeepers Card Game- update

Time: 8:30
Guest: Geo
Topic: Dreamkeepers year in review:  2016, and looking forward to 2017.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Tournament Registration & Rules

Register for the Dreamkeepers Original Character Tournament here:

Registration closes Thursday, December 8th.

We've had some queries about exactly how the tournament works, so I'll break it down.

All you need is a keyboard and your imagination- no references, illustrations, or other assets required.

Read our legalese on the registration page and submit your info, including a valid e-mail.  The big thing to include:

A concise, compelling description of your character- 300 words or less, and it may include one html link of your choice.

Remember these battles are based on audience votes.  Only the most captivating character will prevail- so make your description count.

I'll publicly post your character name and description when we announce Bracket-1 matchups, so you'll be able to read all about the character you're facing off against.

Then it's time for a war of words.

I'll e-mail asking for your battle text:  In 300 words or less, describe what happens in the fight.  It can be anything that you think will persuade an audience to take your side.

I'll post your battle text alongside the battle text of your enemy- and readers will have 48 hours to vote.   The battle text with the most votes wins.  The loser is eliminated from the tournament, and winners go on to Bracket-2 battles.

(After December 8th, I'll post a sample battle between Mace and Ravat, with voting, to give an idea of how it all works.)

Bracket 2 works the same- I'll again post matchups, and again e-mail asking for your new battle-text against your new enemy.  And we'll repeat until the final battle, when two victors duel for ultimate supremacy.

I'll draw the winner's character on one of the battle cards in the upcoming Dreamkeepers card game.


*One registered character allowed per person.

*We reserve the right to decline to post any text entry or link, and will explain our reasons if we take this option.  If we shoot an entry down, we'll give you two chances to submit a different entry.  

*Battle text may include maximum one HTML link- which enables you to use illustrations, videos, or other media if desired.

*Have fun.

You can make or commission other artwork, stories, or promotional content at your own discretion if you think it will help drive more support for your character.  Use the #Dreamkeepers hashtag on social media to taunt opposition, promote your character, and deploy tactical memes.  Tag me in and I'll share content if I can stay caught up.

Any final questions, fire them into the comments on DA:  We'll work with the winner on the specifics for their card art- thanks to everyone for checking this tournament out!

Warriors- ready yourselves.

Many will fight.

One will win.

Friday, November 25, 2016

OC Tournament: BRAWL

Itching for a fight?

Sharpen that axe, load those cartridges, and fire up your power.  It's time for the first ever Dreamkeepers OC Tournament.

Battle will be waged with scathing descriptions, urged on by the bellowing roar of the arena.

Gladiators square off in 1v1 matchups.  Each player submits a 300-word description of their action to us.   Then we'll host an online vote, and give spectators 24 hours to choose the victor.

Which warrior is the most brutal?  Cleverest?  Funniest?  Most sympathetic?  Make your case on social media to gather the momentum for ultimate victory.

The champion gets to have their character featured on one of the cards within the upcoming 'Dreamkeepers: BRAWL' card game, and also wins a free first-edition copy of the game.

We'll announce the schedule for Bracket-1 fight dates in early December, after collecting the entrants.  Here's how you enter:

Keep an eye on our journal- we're getting an automated form ready, and will post the link when it's set for entries.

Enter your character before December 5th to join the tournament- and to the victor go the spoils.

Also, this week we're announcing the next character to be featured in Brawl- Bast.  Vote on your favorite pose for the card art here:

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Shirt Stalkers

TeePublic sent me this photo- if this is you, BEWARE! You're being stalked by a merchandise company.

Actually, it's an advert for their Black Friday sale- running November 24th through the 29th. I'm impressed that they're proactive enough to send me a promo image. E )

Friday, November 18, 2016

Character Deployed: TENDRIL

The next character entering the fray in the upcoming DK card game- Tendril.

A rhyming bloodthirsty slimeball, whose sadistic resolve is matched only by his delusions of poetic grandeur.

Which pose should we finalize for the card artwork?  Vote for your favorite:

And in the DK Chat last night, we revealed a new contest in the works- a massive original character tournament, open to all.

The champion will have their character featured on a minion card within one of the decks.

The game is still being designed- but it will likely be a text-based vote battle.  There will be one-on-one versus matches.  Each player writes, in 300 words or less, the action their character takes.   Then the readers vote on the craziest, cleverest, or overall most entertaining submission- the winner proceeds to the next round where they battle other victors, until one lone warrior prevails.

Should be a slew of entertaining action, a gladiatorial extravaganza where the roar of the audience determines ultimate victory.

More details coming next week.

Insult Contest

The guys at SlackJaw Punks are giving away a Dreamkeepers Volume 1 book- but there's a catch:

You've gotta insult them.

If only they had selected something the internet was good at.

Enjoy the contest, best of luck, and check out their podcast if you want to delve into the twisted minds of people who solicit insults.